The beginning of a new era: Fanatec and Polyphony



  • Probably a couple of months before the release of GT for the PS5 so they can sell a bundle or something.

  • It’s been over 14 weeks now. I think they will make an announcement, and/or put it up for pre-order within the next 4-6 weeks. After all they did say they plan on shipping it before the end of the year.

  • Hi Alex and all of you fellow "brothers in waiting"! 😅

    Like you I'm also a bit disappointed by the total lack of any information about this...I know there are bigger problems and issues in life/world, but yes I am 'disappointed'.

    I mean, mid-july statement "in a couple weeks...etc etcetera..."....well october is almost gone and, well, nothing as I said....absolutely not a single word. I don't expect anything else but few words at least, just to have an update on the situation, or is it asking too much?.

    It will be highly appreciated, the complete silence is not an option; write something, even if you have to announce delays or plan will be perfectly normal, human and, as I wrote, appreciated.

    Alex there are no such statement in the announcement regarding shipping by the end of the year, is simply stated that 'production' is planned before the end of the year, and I believe that we won't see anything, something maybe approaching the release date of GT7.

    And I strongly believe it won't be march 22...Polyphony has a long history on that. 😆

    Not to mention the work of the company...the commitment on the real GT series, the ESport organizations and sessions, the global launch of the new CSL DD worldwide, new product like BMW wheel and stuff......all of that in a global situation affected by the pandemic.

    And there comes the partnership with Polyphony (personally I'm not too excited about that, I hold my thoughts until the products are revealed); the only thing I wish for is a better support in GT for all Fanatec gear, they've been (Polyphony) soo conservative and minimal about that until today....we'll see.

    Fanatec's going all over, and that's a looot of work and commitment, I understand that.

    Having said that I'm still disappointed about the 0 (zero) words that we got after the very first (and last) announcement.

    But hey, I'm still a happy and lucky bastard anyway!. 😉

    Have a wonderful sunday and ciao to all of you!.


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