DD1 won't power up


yesterday I used the DD1 as usual (made no firmware update recently), switched it off as well as the multi socket and today I switched on the multi socket but I couldn't switch on the DD1. There is no reaction to pushing the power button short or long (>5s). But with or without me pushing the button, every 9s happens:

- the light flashes

- short run of the vents inside the DD

- short buzzing sound

- the light on the power supply flashes

After I unplug the power supply from the DD1, the light of the power supply is constantly on.

I tried different power sockets - same result while all other devices work.

I will open a support ticket but in case anyone has a solution, I'm eager to hear it.

Sorry for vertical video...


  • Fanatec offered to send me a new power supply to see if this solves the problem. Great support so far. 😀

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