CSW 2.5 wheel base loses FFB

After playing with my club sport 2.5 for over 3 hours it loses FFB or it gets very week, I turn the base off and straight back on again working all ok


  • Hi Steven,

    I suggest that you open a Support Ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account so that our team can help you troubleshoot this issue.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thank you i have now opened a support ticket .

  • I had my Fanatec hardware repaired by your custumers service my csw v2.5 wheel base and my Xbox F1 v1 wheel and my csw V3 inverted pedalset , i had too send all 3 devices on your advice back for Repair ,so you could garantee Avery Fanatec options would be repaired and work flawless again and also i bould all new connecties cabels for my Fanatec , IT did Cost me almost 700euro s !!!! IT took 12 weeks too repair , i was so happy even IT returned untill i opent the box with Quotationnumber:28624 csw V3 inverted pedalset because my gaas pedal was in peases missing part on the back , i paided for that with new kabels 250euro s Alone too get my csw V3 inverted pedalset repaired that is unbeleaveble , i send email too you , butt got not even An responce from fanatec custumers service , what they fuck man !!!???     Pedalset stille broken i think ?! Or IT is my csw V2,5 wheel base that you did not Repair good , that Cost allsi 200euro s because before V3 pedals compleet broken down i only could connect IT with USB to pc , IT did not work connected too wheel base and watt you think IT still only works on pc with USB , if i wanted Get fucked i would nott aspecten IT from company like Fanatec butt here whe are thanks man , hoe are you gonne Fix IT now !!!!! Hendrik Hellemons , [email protected]

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