Podium vs ClubSport R300 Wheel

I am building a new rig. The rig will include a DD2. I would like to use the rig with an Xbox and PC. As a result, I purchased the CS version of the R300 with the Podium Advanced Paddle Module. What are the disadvantages of using this setup on a PC compared to using a Podium R300 wheel? Are there any other recommendations for using the R300 with both a PC and Xbox? Thanks for the help.


  • The Podium R300 combo doesn’t work on the Xbox. So for what you want the CS version is the best.

  • Thank you. So there is no performance disadvantage of using the CS version (/w Podium Paddles) for a PC sim vs the Podium version? I must admit, the Podium version just looks cooler.

  • Better check with their sales team if the DD2 will work with the console in general, because I think only the combo DD they have for PS4 is compatible with consoles (not sure for xbox though).

  • All current bases are compatible with Xbox one when you have an Xbox wheel like the Formula V2 or the Universal Hub for Xbox what the TS has. Support with PS4 is limited to some bases like the Podium Racing Wheel F1 and indeed PS4 support is not available on the normal DD1 and DD2.

    The only disadvantage of the Universal hub is there was an issue incombination with the clutch pedals of the APM module. It worked but not 100%. Don't now if it has been solved in the meantime. The Podium hub never had this issue.

    For the rest no real disadvantages on the Universal hub except maybe the looks but that is very subjective and lastly maybe the a bit older hardware of the Universal hub. But that one is difficult to see what will happen there in terms of support.

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