Extreme sensitivity on f1 2021

When steering in the new game the wheel has very high sensitivity.. maybe 15-20 degrees is full lock

so the issue I'm having is on f1 2021 only. when switching back to '20 it works as it should.

I have the sens setting on auto on the wheel settings (DD1 with formula V2) and the max wheel rotation set to 360 in the game, as is recommended and works great on the other F1 games.

Things tried so far: Calibrating the wheel

reflashing firmware for everything (it's all up to date)

reinstalling the game

played around with different sens settings. the closest I can get is changing the sensitivity to 2520 degrees on the wheel and its still not correct but the closest it has gotten

I'm playing on Xbox Series X and am using the DD1 and formula V2 wheel.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thank You


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    For F1 Games you should use SEN 360 and not Auto.

    Make sure you dont use any steering Sensitivity or Linearity in the game, has to be 0.

  • Hello Maurice,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately setting the SEN to 360 causes the sensitivity to become even more extreme.

    I looked back over the game settings the linearity is set at 0

  • Kyle,

    I have the exact same situation as you.

    Interestingly, I had my SEN set to 360 and it worked fine with all the other F1 games. With that setting, I’m not able to complete one lap at speed. After reading this thread, I changed my SEN to AUTO and now the game “works”. The steering wheel animation doesn’t sync with my real life wheel, but I can at least make laps.


  • Hi Jeff,

    Glad to hear you were able to get it to work but on my end this is seeming more like a bug to me. I've set up many other games with no issues and in theory F1 2021 should be no different than 2020.

    It's worth noting that the Fanatec sticky for recommended F1 settings has SEN on Auto for every wheel

  • Fanatec does not recommend Auto on F1 games though.

    This is a game issue most likely and you should report it to Codemasters.

  • have you even read it??

  • literally in this forum "fanatec recommended settings" they all say auto. Either you can't read or your sole purpose is to make it seem like "I'm doing something wrong" so other people reading this discount it.

  • Maybe the correct answer is "oh, the recommended settings for Xbox are incorrect"

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    But still is more sounds like a game issue.

    Anyway I dont have the Xbox version, maybe someone else can help you. I am out.

  • Yes very helpful thank you Maurice. I've seen you a lot on these forums. Not really geared towards being helpful

  • I have the same issue with F1 2021 i changed it from auto to i believe not at the moment at Home to 1870, much beter. F1 2020 auto or 360 was fine so it seems like a bug in F1 2021. Playing on xbox DD2 with formula V2.5

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    The report issue page for codemasters F1 2021 is some 21 pages long. There’s a with developers bug about wheel rotation angle isn’t sent to the base. 2250 rotation angle set into DD2 gets around the bug (without big torque wobbles and spikes).

  • Kyle i have same issue series x 2021 the 1.1 rotaion is way off csw 2.5 with formula wheel, 360 on base and game felt ok it wasnt until i viewed my twitch i could see the 1.1 was way off. after reading somewhere i put sen base to auto game 360 i got massive understeer and felt terrible, so i kepted going down on base until reach 550 sen game 360 and that feels fine & now have 1.1 rotation with screen graphics. Thrust master have had big issues as well, i believe there has been a patch update for PC & PS5 to fix this but not xbox yet.

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