Game Freezing When Using Wheel

Hey All,

I am new to the sim racing scene and hope that someone with more experience can help me figure this out. I had just received my first fanatec products (DD2 and Podium Steering Wheel R300) and wanted to use it when playing Forza Horizon 4. Everything seemed to be working fine until my game would randomly freeze. This would happen most often when starting/ending a race or exiting the menu after selecting a new car. There would be other random times where it would freeze when randomly driving around but those don't seem to be reccuring.

I firmly believe that it is not an issue with my pc hardware (5900x, RTX 3080, 32GB ram, 2TB SSD) and when I played with controller while waiting for my Fanatec parts, it seemed to work just fine. It has to be either something wrong with the Fanatec hardware/software (all software is up to date) or Forza is just janky with these Fanatec products. Anyone has any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey Daniel, my gut feel is that it's at the Forza software end; I've had a lot of weird issues since moving to Series X and it seems very isolated to Forza titles... FH4 has been particularly problematic, throttle signal was jumbled for a few months till an update was released making the game completely unplayable, and I still have issues where buttons don't work that used to be fine, and when playing with the wheel (vs controller) it seems to have impossibly big load times/freezes during online play (doesn't even seem related, but I understand that the Xbox hardware is sometimes shared between USB controllers and network adapters, but I'm no expert!). It's very likely the dev focus is all on FH5 and the next Motorsport title at this point, so might be worth turning to some other games for a while; I recommend Dirt Rally 2.0, just a hoot albeit single-player.

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