Forum upgrade, when?

At March 2021 Dominic wrote:

"The Fanatec Forum is due to receive a major upgrade (#soon), which should make this place much easier to use and attract even more forum members."

What timeline is "soon"?


  • Fanatec "soon" = not soon.

    Similarly, "Q2" means some time towards the end of the year, and in the "next full, properly tested firmware release" means never.

  • Fanatec's "soon" or "released in quarter X" is worth nothing as long as they don''t mention a year within the same sentence (and even then it's doubtful). They could also say "somewhere between now and Christmas" were we all think it's coming Christmas but Fanatec means 2024 ;)

  • Okay then, if that is their normal behaviour.

    Not so good is that almost never no one from Fanatec answer for this kind of questions, this suck a big one 😕

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