RennSport Cockpit at Porsche factory and museum

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 If you want to drive the Porsche wheel in the most genuine environment you should go to the factory of Porsche in Leipzig and make the factory tour. 


In the museum inside of the impressive tower you will see 2 RennSport Cockpits and you can actually testdrive the racetrack which is just in front of the building. After you made some virtual practice be sure to drive some laps with a real Porsche as co-pilot.

I did this with a 911 which was very impressive but with the Cayenne Turbo S it was absolutly crazy as the driver was in a permanent fourwheel drift on the track.

The track is a combination of famous race track corners and includes the Cork screw corner of Laguna Seca for example. 

 Here you find more details: 

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