DD2 FW Update seems to fail


I connected my dd2 first time to my pc. The Fanatec tool asked me to update the base, and i start the fw update. Since over 30 minutes the killswitch is flashing and nothing happens....

How long does it takes to do an fw udpate? What does the flashing button mean? Is it already broken????

I have a well working win10 pc without any Antivirus...

Thanks a lot for answering


  • Puh ok, disappointing...

    After changing the pc and trying to flash an other firmware it is completly dead... i disconnected everything and when i press the button the fan turns 100% while i press the button. After button release its off.

    I am very suprised how fast its broken... I think its a RMA

  • It probably is and something Fanatec should look into because this is happening a lot lately.

    With the amount of bugs and the need to flash new firmware on a regular base the whole upgrade procedure should be rock solid and shouldn't fail as much as it does now.

  • yes! I am working in the IT area and have done hundrets of FW Updates on Enterprise and Consumer devices and something like that never happens except on custom hacking FW on Customer devices for30€.

    A hardware defect may happen, everything would be cool if Fanatec changes the base and send me a new one. But the trust is, for now, gone! I will alway be worry when i trie to update the FW of the base. And till now, the supports didnt answer... and the dd2 is the high premium device from Fanatec.

    I saw here some entries with exact the same Problem. But i am willing so help fanatec so solve these issue!

    Oh the answered me right now while i am texting, they want the Device in their workshop. So no new device!!! just waiting for repair!

    Keeping this thread up2date!

  • Update: The Support noticed that i just used the base for 20 minutes till the broken update happend and will send me a (hopefully) complete new one!

    Till this point, everything is nice!

    Keeping this thread up2date!

  • OK, Update:

    Fanatec will only send me the replacement device when mine has arrived at Fanatec. This means to me that i have to wait another week whitout this Wheelbase.

    As I have already told the support, I am very disappointed about the distrust to the customer.

    Unfortunately, the quality of the products does not apply to the support mechanism.

    Keeping this thread up2date!

  • OK, now i got the new Base and its fantastic! Everything is working well. Thanks Fanatec for the Support!


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