Throttle Deadzone on Fanatec V3 Pedals in iRacing

I've noticed something today that I think is a new problem. Running latest 402 Fanatec Drivers.

When I open Fanatec Wheel Properties in Windows, and test my throttle pedal, I see input as soon as I touch it. All good.

When I run the iRacing pedal calibration wizard for my throttle, I see input as soon as I touch it. All good.

.... but once I'm in a car, I have to push the pedal about 40% of the way down for any input to be registered.

This isn't normal, is it? Am I overlooking anything obvious? Any ideas? Thanks!


  • Figured it out. Issue was related to vjoy, which I'm running for irFFB. As far as I can tell, all inputs became mapped, and not just the steering inputs.

    But what changed to cause it in the first place? All I can think is it was upgrading from Fanatec 400 to 402 drivers.

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