Loadcell pedals flickering sometimes

I just started playing F1 2021 with my usual settings, and it went fine for a few days, but then i play today in a race and i go for the brakes into a corner and suddenly it doesn't register the braking and straight on into a wall, so i did a bit of testing. It sorta "resets" then i can go for a few corners and suddenly it does it again. I then tested on the PC App and every time i apply brake preassure it goes down little by little each time, until when i like go 100% on the brakes it barely registers.

Does anyone have the same issue? and how was it fixed?


  • Hey Marcus, do you have your pedals manually calibrated for min & max? I don't know why it would reset, but the auto-calibration (the default setting) does something like adjust the maximum based on your max pedal input as you play, which could cause that repeating decrease in sensitivity. Just an idea; I haven't had the issue myself.

  • Does any1 know when the new load cells will come out?

  • Same problem here.

    It worked fine until today. I'm able to drive the first sector, than the brakeforce drops rapidly. I'll try a FW update....

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