Podium Racing Wheel F1 (PS4 w/ blue grip) and ITM

New to some of this but starting to wrap my head around all the features and options Fanatec is offering.

I'm using Fanalab 1.24beta and, with this wheel installed on the DD1 base, only the Legacy ITM option is selectable but I can see radio buttons for 1-5 and Legacy in the interface.

Am I missing something?


  • To enable ITM on the DD OLED you need to run the Enable_ITM registry file in the BME software package 1.2. Then to get to the ITM pages you need to press and hold the Tuning Menu button and press the Funky Switch right or left.

    All this is also described in the instructions text file in the software package 1.2 (which you seem to have downloaded because FanaLab 1.24 is exclusive to that software package)

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