Podium DD2 barely works with the game

Trying to use my DD2 with this game and it's not fun. If I'm in DD2 or Comp 2.5 mode, any time I try to bind a button, it automatically binds it as button 93. I don't even know what button that is.

I am using a custom wheel with a Clubsport Universal Hub and Clubsport Pedals along with a Clubsport Handbrake.

To use the setup, I actually have to switch to Xbox mode, and the FFB is AWFUL. It actually feels like a belt driven system rather than DD, complete with tugging at the wheel and everything.

It'd be great if this game was playable in DD2 or Comp 2.5 mode, but I have that button 93 issue. Dunno if Fanatec can help.


  • Hi Peter,

    Have you installed the latest driver and run all relevant firmware updates?

    Are you using the recommended settings posted at the top of this forum category?

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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