Fanalab not picking up my hardware.

Fanalab v1.54.5 (had the same issue on previous version too)

fanatec driver 402

Podium wheel base DD2

Club sport formula v2

club sport V3 pedal

Kind of getting pissy now I understand it is all a working progress but at around £2,000+ spend you would expect it to be able to consistently pick up the hardware.

What i got to keep doing is uninstalling fanalab and the driver and reinstalling for it to pick up.

this to me rings bells it is the software. I am having to do this every time I turn on my pc.

Anyone else getting or got this issue and have found a work around please let me know. it is stressful and just down heartening. many thanks


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    To me this sounds like a PC issue on your machine as nobody else ever reported such an issue, so not much of an issue of your £2,000+ equipment.

    When FanaLab does not detect devices then this is because the driver does not recognize the devices. Did you tried a different USB Port with a complete fresh driver install so also the device driver gets re-installed on a different USB Port?

    Best to do so is:

    1. power on your Base
    2. uninstall the driver
    3. restart the pc
    4. plug-in the USB cable to a different USB port (with the base still powered on!)
    5. install new driver
    6. restart the pc

    If all that doesnt help then you might need to look for new USB drivers or Chipset drivers or new BIOS for your motherboard as its likely an issue coming from these then.

  • I would agree untill i uninstall the drivers (both) and reinstall the drivers and it it is fine.

    yep power base is on set to pc.

    uninstalled check

    restart pc check

    try new usb check

    install new driver check

    restart pc check

    if you read my post bud i do explain i have done this. :)

  • You did not explained that you did it in the exact order I have written and you also did not explained you are running on the newest BIOS, Chipset and USB drivers for your Motherboard.

    It's definitely an issue with your Local PC and not an issue of either the Fanatec Driver or FanaLab.

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