Clubsport v3 Brake Assembly Screw Loose + Spiking

When attempting to install the brake performance kit, the screw (circled in red) was crossthreaded and stripped the threading inside the brake assembly (the screw will not bite on the inside of the brake assembly on that side). It appears the threading inside the brake assembly is plastic (some came off in the threads of the screw).

Now, after a firmware update and calibration, the brake spikes to 10-20% and back to 0% erratically, even with no pressure. In game (F1 2021), the brake spikes and shows on the brake input element of the OSD.

Fanatec CS instructed me to update the firmware and reset to default USB mode, but the issue still persists.

Am I screwed? Do I need a whole new brake assembly just for this one piece?


  • First thing I notice in your photo is the amount of preload. The bottom white block should not be visible, and it is almost completely visible in your photo. That is to much preload.

    This could be one of the reasons it spikes without any presure on the pedal.

  • I figured this out after disassembling and reassembling.

    The piston that presses on the load cell was not rotated so that the channels were in line with the side screws. So there was load on the load cell without any pressure on the pedal itself.

    Once I rotated that piston to the correct orientation and replaced the screws, everything is working perfectly.

    Shout out to Fanatec for sending me replacement red aluminum screws anyway (after I explained I stripped a few of them on disassembly).

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