Decisions decisions

I am really at a cross road. Currently have the CSL Elite with the V3 pedals. I have on order the CSL DD and am slotted to get it in early September. Now I am second guessing myself and thinking that I should cancel my order and get the DD! Podium F! kit. I would like to say that money is no object but it is. I can afford it but I also do not like to squander money as well. If the regular DD! was currently available I would have ordered it with a nice wheel but the lag time on that is longer than my CSL DD. Oh well, rambling on can now stop.


  • Why get the podium kit if you don't need PlayStation compatibility? The Podium kit is a DD1, but you can get a DD2 and a Formula V2.5 wheel for about the same price and they're both available now. The Podium kit (w/ podium wheel) doesn't work with Xbox, and the DD2 doesn't work with PlayStation ... so pick your poison.

    I too have a CSL DD on order (October delivery) but I really want the DD Pro when it comes out. Just don't know when it's coming out.

  • I guess the other concern I have is am I doing a disservice if I get the DD2 and run it around 8 to 10 nm. I have a partially paralyzed left hand but am able to manage well, especially with the formula wheels and my McLaren GT wheel.

  • Some may say yes, but really with the headroom of so much extra torque available on the DD2, and the range at which you intend to use it, will really help to cut down on any clipping that may occur. Also, if you feel like you want a little more feeling of the different forces you can dial it up, and still not experience much clipping if any at all.

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