CSL Elite Error Code

Hey all, I recently got a new PC and wanted to switch from my PS4 to start on some Assetto Corsa Mods. When I moved my wheel over from my PS4 I started getting the following error on my wheel when the track loaded on Assetto Corsa. It shows [r] for about half a second then switched to [n] . At which point the wheel doesn't seem to be recognized (no inputs).

Driver at 402, Firmware at 684 and Wheel base at 22.

And I'm ensuring I'm on PC mod (red light)

I've attempted several restarts and reboots. The error code only shows up when the track loads and is ready to race.

Anyone have a solution or know what the cause may be?

Thanks all!


  • That's no error code, it shows the gear, in this case Neutral.

  • Doh!

    Sorry guys, that was pretty silly of me. I got focused on that display, oh well, back to troubleshooting what is up with it not working.

    Thank you Maurice!

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