Podium Hub - Tuning Button and Funkyswitch request

So when are we going to get a Funkyswitch with a tuning button so we can access stuff when we are using the Podium Hub and APM with Official Racing Wheels ie Momo, OMP, Sparco, etc. etc. ?


  • This wont come because there are no ports which could support those features on the Podium Hub.

    There will only be different Button Modules like the Podium Button Module Endurance which is your only option to change Tuning Menu settings on the fly.

    Other option, but not possible on the fly in game, is to change the settings in the driver or in FanaLab.

  • Well, I think it should be possible to create a more simple version of the PBME, offering more buttons but no screen. Adding a few buttons, Funky-switch, tuning-menu buttons. There is the connection for PBME and it should work for this too.

  • yes for sure something like that will come in the future as it was always stated that there are "modules" not just one module.

    However, no ETA and not even anything teased in that regard.

  • However if every "module" is going to be €200 + shipping then that sucks.

    I only want a "Tuning Button + Funky switch" nothing more than that and to be expected to pay €200+ is just not on.

    I was hoping for something more like the "ClubSport Button Cluster Pack" but with the "Tuning Button + Funky switch".

  • Since we are at it, here is an idea (add the axis funky switch) so you also don't face a problem with clearance between wheel, sifter paddles and PBME's. In real life is very easy and comfortable to use. ;)

  • And who said that such a module would cost 200€ or more? Correct, nobody. Of course a module with just a Funky Switch, a Tuning Menu button and a display would be cheaper than the Button Module Endurance which has all the buttons, MPS, 2-way-switches, RevLEDs, Flagleds etc...

  • I can't imagine that any future Podium button module will cost less than 200€ but I welcome your guarantee. We are already charged 100€ for a simple power button so 200€ seems entirely feasible for a tuning button, funky switch and a display .

  • It’s no guarantee though. But it would be ridiculous if such a simple module would cost the same as the advanced BME.

  • But we also don't need the Module as this just adds additional length to the steering column.

    A "ClubSport Button Cluster Pack" design with a fly lead terminating in a Dataport-C connection would suffice. Don't need the LCD either as the DD1 & DD2 have a screen already.

    Such a simple solution. I have been supporting Fanatec for years now with a lot of Fanatec wheels and all the other peripherals. However I do wish to use the 13 odd pro steering wheels that I have without having to spend a ridiculous amount just to have the Tuning+Funkyswitch. I think this is a major overlook with regards to the Podium Hub unless it is intentional to force consumers to only be able to use Fanatec equipment. That would damage Fanatec far more then I think they realise.

  • I actually have this same request, or wish. I'm a VR user and I have no need for flashing lights and displays, but I find the six buttons and no funky switch or tuning menu button a bit lacking. There is also the fact that the analog paddle bitepoint can't be adjusted on the current Podium R300 wheel or similar builds.

    A smaller module with a decent number of buttons and no lights or displays would be perfect.

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    I have the same request... i purchased the DD1 with podium hub specifically to mount my old 345mm sparco or 330mm ATC steering wheels for a real, non-arcade feeling. I'm setting it up now, and can't figure out how to simply get past "Shifter Calibration Mode" without a button module or gearshift display. If anyone can provide a fix, i'd really appreciate it. i'm open to purchasing a few buttons or something basic or a DIY method as well. thanks in advance. hardware: PC, DD1, Podium Hub, CS shifter, Inverted CS pedals, no-brand handbrake. everything but shifter seems okay.

  • You can configure everything in the driver itself on the settings page - wheel center calibration and H-shifter calibration. On the Tuning Menu page you can adjust the Tuning Menu, no buttons needed.

  • This is of course true and should assist Paul at getting it all up and running. Thanks Maurice.

    On the other side of things I like to adjust things on the drive (like on the fly but inside the car). Being able to nudge the Force up or down a notch as you are "at the wheel" is really useful. Stopping the simulation and going back to the drivers is not. Especially if you are doing lots of changes.

    I really hope Fanatec releases a hardware solution soon as it is obviously not just me that feels this way.

  • Maurice, thank you for the advice, i was able to configure the shifter in the settings menu. Thanks also, Robert for the insight on what controls are available. With the Podium hub, I haven't seen much of anything on the DD1 screen except for being able to enter high torque at startup, or confirmation that wheel center cal was established. It'd be nice if a simple button pad was available to access the DD1's menu and make changes on the fly. It's making set-up really time consuming. thanks again!

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