Fanatec Podium DD1 driver 346 or the newer ones?

Hey Guys,

i am struggeling to find the "right" setup for the DD1. I tryed the new Driver (v356), but it didnt feel good. Not at all. Noisy, scratchy, and just a really bad ffb in general. Now i downgraded to 347 (inkl Motorfirmware etc) its better, but its still just okayish..

I am using the "recommanded FFB Settings" for Assetto Corsa and for Assetto Corsa Competizione..

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?




  • Noisy FFB with driver 356 is because of a too low Interpolation filter.

    Pretty much everyone agrees that the FFB in 356 with included firmwares is the best they ever felt - but you have to dial in the settings properly (so do NOT turn Interpolation too low or even off, this will result in a grainy feel). Also reducing FEI frrom 100 to 80 helps and gives a better result.

    I for example run INT 4 with FEI 80 and I could never go back to the "numb" FFB you get with 346.

  • okay, i am scared of upgrading it again..

    Can you tell me your whole settings? I would like to try them

  • i did update everything, feels ok for now, but i have an issue with some kind of noise coming from the wheel at 10nm in a corner. Feels like the wheel is about the "break", some Kind of metallic cracking inside the wheel or the quick release. Is this issue known?

    with the v346 the wheel was quite, no cracking noises.

    looking forward to an anwser :) thanks

  • Hey Maurice,

    would be nice, if the "optimal" setting with the FW 356 could be modified in the AC recommend settings Thread:

    There are also a few new options in Fanalab. Da sind ja auch ein paar neue Optionen in Fanalab hinzugekommen, die bei den rcommended settings fehlen. Das wäre super, auch für neue Fanatec Nutzer.

  • Actually our Community Manager Dom made and published the recommended settings.

    But afaik they dont change and the new settings from newer firmwares are just added with their default values to the existing recommended settings (Linearity OFF, Inertia OFF and Interpolation 6).

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