wrong expectation of Fanatec equipment by some new customers in the FFB wheel market???

Would you agree that ... ?

As some may have mentioned here,

"Fanatec equipment should be seen as less mainstream and more enthusiast level ie: you need to go through manuals, check and update firmware/drivers, calibrate, troubleshoot, mechanical maintenance and communicate with the support team and etc"

to name a few... and what you get for that effort is an experience in sim-racing, not just confined to giving a realism in driving, but everything leading up to it and thereafter in maintenance and adjustment... which is leagues ahead of...

a department store plug and play option...

Of course it helps if you plug it in and works straight off but do expect some tweaking. I know everyone is coming from different levels of pricing expectation but I think buyers need to be aware.


  • Concur totally. The tweaking is a huge part of it, just like r/l racing. I have learned so much about sound cards and LFE and so much more building my rig and I cannot wait for my first Fanatec DD, wheel, pedals and shifter.

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