How to change my name in the Forum?


I have done right now my first post here in the forum and I see my name appear.

I dont want to be rude but i'm not agree to be honest,i cant see any option to change it and it should be somwehere in my profile.

Can someone change it please?,something like Jorge A. is fine.

Thank you.


  • Agree, having our customer profile names as the forum name is not a great idea for privacy.

  • Totally agree. I've asked this question before and received no answer. I know for a fact that it can (and has been) done if you ask the right people, but this is a lame policy if you ask me.

    There's simply no good reason why there shouldn't be an easily accessible way for customers to choose an alias for posting in the public forums.

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    My guess would be because based on your real name people are scared to write up BS just for the fun of it and also easier for the Community manager to help faster in case of issue reported.

    Why you want to hide behind an Alias?

  • Fanatec intend for users to be able to set a forum alias, the option to do so used to exist, but disappeared - now they don't know how to get that option back visible to users.

    Dom will change your username for you (if you ask him nicely) but it will randomly change back to your real name.

    Even the wisest IT minds at Fanatec HQ can't fix this issue. [insert own joke about beta software and/or jolts here/]

  • After that your username is same also at forum.

  • That will work. Until you place an order that is then addressed to Mr Make 73...

  • No, when I check "Adresses" there is my real name and adress.

    We will get new forum software, #soon® 😉

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