confused with the CLS Elite McLaren GT3 V2 button mapping

Looking at the manual, the wheel has the following button mapping for PC:

* 0 to 5

* skips 6 and 7 and jumps to 8 to 11

* skips to 22 and goes to 25

* Skips to 30 and goes to 33

* Skips to 36 goes to 59 (the two dials, but not sure games see these are unique buttons)

No intrinsical problem there. The problem comes from few games still expect some "missing" button numbers when connected to this wheel. F1 2020 and 2021 for example, recognizes the wheel and expect buttons 7 and 8 to be used for menus navigation. These button assignments are not customizeable and the button 7 and 8 simply don't exist with this wheel.

Does anyone knows why is it this way? I like Fanatec product and learn to trust on them, but can't find a reason why is this wheel buttons mapped this way on PC, neither how to re-map them on the hardware.


  • Well since nobody has yet responded, I'll offer my observation on the PC numbering of some of the wheels I own.

    The two original Clubsport wheels, the BMW M3 GT2 and the Formula AKA "Black" both start numbering at 1 as follows...

    1 to 12 ( 5 and 6 being the paddle shifters). They both have a button 7 and 8 BTW.

    Skips to 22

    25 Funky Switch press, rotate left 23, rotate right 24

    26 Joystick press

    Great so the PC button mapping stays the same in games.

    Along comes the Porsche 918 RSR, it starts numbering at 0 instead of 1 as the two above. WTH ???

    0 to 11 (4 and 5 now being the paddle shifters).

    Skips to 21

    24 Funky Switch press, rotate left 22, rotate right 23

    25 Joystick press

    When I run it on a PC, I found the button numbering the same as the 2 wheels above, just add +1 to each button map per the manual

    So since your McLaren wheel ALSO starts numbering at 0 instead of 1, as the Porsche 918 RSR does, but in a PC should show up as...

    * 1 to 6, (not 0 to 5)

    * skips 7 and 8 (not 6 to 7) and jumps to 9 to 12 (not 8 to 11)

    Not sure about the remaining buttons but try adding +1 to the numbering.

  • Thanks. Yes, this is exactly how the F1 games read it. Starts on 1, goes through 6 (5 and 6 are paddle shifters) skips 7 and 8, goes back to 9 through 13.

    The skipping of buttons 7 and 8 (or 6 and 7 if we are starting from zero) create problems with the F1 games. Both 2020 and 2021 have buttons 7 and 8 (6 and 7 if we start counting on zero) assigned to menu functions, as:

    • FF and RWD on replays
    • Access community shared saves settings, liveries,. etc.
    • Test buttons functionality (confirming what the button we press on the wheel is called by the game, what is currently assigned to)
    • Etc.

    These are not gameplay assignments, so they can't be reassigned. Solution I'm using is to activate a keyboard as input as well, and use the assigned keys on the keyboard to make up for the missing buttons 7 & 8 on this wheel (6 & 7 if we start on button zero).

    None of the other Fanatec wheels skips one or more single digit buttons and then continue. The McLaren GT3 is the only one. Why?

  • Nothing to add, other than to say that as someone who has a McLaren GT3 V2 sitting around and is waiting for his CSL DD to use with his PC, I'm a bit concerned here and will be following this thread.

  • Tips is with this wheel, keep your keyboard and/or a controller closeby because the Fanatec geniuses "forgot" to include a button 6 & 7 on this wheel and could not care less about it, not their problem.

  • Yeah, bit of a pain i guess, but as long as there's a reasonable workaround, I guess it's not really worth getting too upset over.

  • You could look at using something like UCR to map an existing button to the keyboard press, or required xbox button.

  • Not necessary, F7 and F8 are the "missing buttons" on the wheel (shows as buttons 7 and 8, this wheel has no buttons numbered 7 or 8).

  • If Codemasters were to add mouse support to menu navigation, it seems like that might be a way around the problem. But, I suppose that wouldn't really help all that much, it'd just be that you have to switch to your mouse now instead of a keyboard to use certain functions. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. 🤷‍♂️

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