RJ12-Rj12 2.0 cable

Hi, today I discovered that the above cable is no longer available on Fanatec EU site.

The provided 1.5 cable is simply yoo short (I really don't understand why pedals are sold with such a short cable). However, now I need to free up a USB port and so I wanted to connect my V3 pedals to the wheel base.

If I buy a "generic" RJ12-RJ12 cable on Amazon, will it work or is there anything specific/custom on the cable sold by Fanatec?

Thanks for helping.


  • Of course with "2.0" cable I meant 2.0m, versus the 1.5m sold with the pedals

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    Just to make it clear for anyone who's got the same problem. I bought a 2.0 m RJ12-RJ12 cable 6P6C on Amazon and it works perfectly.

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    I don't think we should be forced to buy a third party RJ12 cable after paying so much for Fanatec gear (shifter). Had to pay another €15 for a 3m cable here after buying shifter. Disgraceful. Cable costs about €2. Fanatec should be including longer cable.

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