Help setting my new rig, thank you in advance

hello everyone need some help here been racing gts com a regular basis with the thrustmaster T-GT now just got my self a DD1 PS setup with v3 inverted pedals and for the last 2 months cant come anywhere nears my lap times with the old set up , mainly inconsistency (sensitivity) and mostly having major issue with the brakes , I feel that I’m destroying the tires because of how hard I’m braking while I’m barely touching the pedals any help would be appreciated, need settings on pedals as well 

ty all !


  • Psql DPsql D Member

    Sounds like a too low Brake Force settings.

    How are your pedals connected? If connected on the back of the DD1 check BrF setting in the tuning menu or Fanalab and adjust the value. If you connected the pedals via USB check the driver and adjust the slider next to the brake bar that changes when you press the brake pedal.

  • ill ck the break force settings for sure when is too low does it gives you max breaking by just fathering the pedal because sometimes I feel like I’m breaking too much too early

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    With a default setting it should be some force required. But if you somehow changed that value to a very low number, it could easily hit max force with only touching the pedal a bit. But normally with a value of 50 or higher it should be a bit more difficult to reach max braking.

    But in the end it's also very personal. One could easily work with a value of 35 because he never uses a lot of force. Others want to use 100 because they want a pedal that requires more force. Others can not get used to the v3 pedals because 100 is not enough and would want 150 or 200 as a value, which is not possible.

    So check the value and increase till it suites you.

  • Thanks will do

  • Thank you , this was a big help and yes it was set on the mid 20’s try 50 was better and now I’m at 65 and feels perfect the inverted pedals with the hard green inserts gives you lots of braking power maybe because of the position of the pedals but not I’m good thank you again

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