Problem with the wheel accuracy/ffb and wheel weight

Hey guys, ive bought the Fanstec csl elite ps4 a few months ago and i never got it to work properly. Im playing mainly f1 on ps4 and the problem is i have not enough ffb / wheel weight at all, it feels like its on 20% ( i had a g29 and i know how it should be) . The other problem is that i have to rotate the wheel more than i should in corners.. i warched other people play and saw the difference. It doesnt feel very accurate when i turn the wheel,it feels like the wheel isnt getting the right feedback from the car ( understeering).

i would love to find a solution

kind regards


  • You probably have screwed up the Tuning menu, for F1 you need to set the SENS to 360 (default is 1080 and therefore way too much).

    That should fix both your issues I think. Make sure to run FF and FOR in the Tuning Menu both at 100.

  • Sorry, but i tried it all and nothing changes. I have the same problem for my g29, both have too low ffb and a bit of oversteer.

  • Im willing to pay to fix this problem, i love racing and it disturbs me so insane that i cant play since such a long time.

    It is really really annoying, hope someone can help me


    here you can see it, especially at 7:15 when i turn on understeer enhance.

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