ClubSport Pedals V3 Brake Performance with F1 2021

Hello pilot.

First of all I apologize in advance for my bad English, I am not very good and I will use google translator to help.

I recently bought the ClubSport V3 pedals and the brake performance KIT recommended by a friend for smoother brakes.

By default I found the brakes extremely hard, I really couldn't brake with them. So I changed the elastomer springs, I took the softer ones, 12 red and 13 green. But I find the brakes even harder than before.

I don't know if it's the fact that the elastomer pedals and springs are still new and it will take time to be softer with more use.

I play a lot in F1 2021 (and Iracing alongside) but in F1 it's very hard to brake. I used to have super soft brakes with the basic Thrustmaster T300 pedals, maybe it's a matter of habit I don't know.

I would like to know for those who play F1 2021 what combination and brake setting do you use.

thanks in advance


  • The v3’s measure force. So with the Brake Performance elastomer you manage the feel of the pedal. Then with the BrF setting of the brake pedal in the driver or tuning menu you change how much force you need to apply to get 100% braking.

    So if the feel is ok but force is to high, lower the BrF setting a little bit each time to get a value that suites you.

  • also, you need to totally back off (wind in) the adjustment, then wind it back out only to take up any slack. If you have this wound out too far it makes it harder and will just mess things up. With the brake perf kit the wind out should only be wound out to around mark 1 or similar. this makes a big difference so ensure you are not wound out ANY further than necessary to remove any mechanical slop.

  • Hi,

    i had the same problems ClubSport V3 pedals and also i bought the performance KIT. My solution were to change to the manual mode, in the driver menu, and calibrate the brake pressure for my requirements.

    I hope this will help you,


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