CSL DD Table Clamp vs Clubsport Table Clamp V2

Going to buy a CSL DD, but as for Table Clamp...

My table is very solid, but I am in conflict about if I should get the plastic CSL DD Table Clamp or the Clubsport Table Clamp V2... since I have heard some people complaining about the flex if using the angle clamp on the CS TC V2.

Has anyone (Youtubers) tried both and can recommend one of them compared to the other?


  • There will always be flex with a table clamp. There are a few reviews on youtube with the CSL table clamp and it looks quite well tighten down. Table being the main limiting factor. I have a heavy table with 1 inch thick top and solid steel legs... Fingers crossed.

    I only ordered the CSL DD 5nm precisely for that reason as I do not have a rig and so I hope the lower torque will accommodate the base.

    Will give myself a few months before considering a rig. Depending on how addicted I am to sim racing.

  • I have the CSL DD 8NM with the new plastic table clamp on a wooden desk :

    • the table clamp is much more efficient than T300RS table clamp
    • I can't compare with clubsport table clamp DD
    • it absolutely doesn't move horizontally. Really impressive.
    • there IS vertical flex, about 1cm, so it is noticeable. I think that only a rigid cockpit can fix this.

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