McLaren V1 clutch problems

I have for some time increased problems with my Fanatec McLaren GT3 V1 steering wheel, which is increasingly noticeable under iRacing.

The problem is that after some time, especially in right turns the clutch activates. This first only so to 5 - 10% but also to the maximum. This can then only be reset by shortly tapping the clutch on the steering wheel.

I use the Fanatec driver version 402 with the corresponding current firmware for the McLaren V1 steering wheel.

There is in this forum already a corresponding post to this problem, which was active but a year ago.

Do any of you McLaren V1 users have a similar or the same problem?

I love this steering wheel, because Fanatec has no other similar GT3 steering wheel with this diameter and I would miss it very much not to be able to drive it anymore.


  • While not a fix, if your using the dual clutch for race starts you can then always change the mode of hand clutch to separate axis (i.e mode D) once you've pulled away.

    This way it shouldn't interfere with real clutch.

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