Cannot update McLaren V2 wheel to firmware 41

I received my CSL DD today and I've immediately started having problems with the installation of the drivers etc. I have deleted and reinstalled the drivers by following the advice provided on the support page ("how to reinstall drivers") but once I get to the point where I can update my wheel's firmware it gets stuck. I am presented with an hourglass image for well over 30 minutes with no apparent changes.

Furthermore, when I first turned the wheel on the calibration (left right left right) did not work and the wheel would get stuck and stop without making a full 360 revolution. I suspect this was because the wheel was in Xbox mode (I am using PC). However, after numerous driver reinstall attempts the calibration now only turns right and then back to center (in PC mode).

I am not sure what else to do. I cannot update the wheel. Any suggestions?


  • I had same problem I have DD2 and cannot update the Mclaren wheel firmware from v37 to v41 use tried drivers 402 & 410.

    I conacted support and gave them details but have not got back to me.

  • Dear Mark,

    Reagarding the calibration when u switch the wheelbase on: Maybe the CSL DD calibrates like the Podiums. They also only turn 1x right and then back to the center.

  • I'm having a similar issue to. I have a CSL DD and the updater won't update my McLaren V2 wheel to firmware 41 as well. I know my wheel still works cause when I plug it into my older CSW 2.5 it works with no issues and says that it still has firmware 40 installed. It has to be something with the CSL DD or the 411 firmware.

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