How can I increase in-game steering angle response?

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CSL Elite 1.1 with the P1 wheel, Load cell pedals, TH8A H-shifter. Running off a high spec Ryzen 7 with 1080TI GPU running the latest firmware and software drivers. Wheelbase is pretty much set up as recommended here with SEN set to Auto and ingame sens set to 1080. DRI at -3.

The problem I have is that driving for instance the Audi 90 IMSA on Nurburgring, the steering wheel requires very large inputs and I simply run out of turns trying to wrestle the under-steering beast around the ring. I've been able to post a 6:20,7 and can go faster but I'm unable to physically turn the steering wheel fast enough. I used to run a Thrustmaster TX-WX, which requred far less angle and yielded faster times.

In real-world terms I need a faster steering rack, - I want half a turn of the physical wheelbase wheel to produce more than a half a turn in-game.

Anyone have a suggestion to how I can solve this in Assetto Corsa?


  • Have you tried turning the in-game SENS down from 1080 to something lower... say maybe 600?

  • Ummm lower the sensitivity.... Not to be a d*** but that's really common sense.. Use the Fanatec tuning menu while in the car, on the track without the game paused and lower the sensitivity until the wheel is where you want it.

  • Thank you Michael! I knew it had to be something fundamental :)

    For some reason I thought of sens as a technical parameter and just made sure they matched between the wheel and Assetto Corsa.

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