V3 Pedals (direct connect USB) do not show up as detected in driver 410

I have v3 pedals direct via USB, and in preparation for my soon arriving CSL DD I upgraded drivers to 410. When I open the nice new interface it does not detect my pedals. The pedals still show up in the Windows game controllers list, and when I click properties in there I get the old pedal configuration interface, and they continue to work fine. It did detect that they needed a firmware upgrade, which it did successfully, and the pedals work fine, but they do not show up in the Fanatec devices interface that the new driver provides.

Do the pedals have to be connected through a wheelbase for this to work?


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    That's normal.

    Pedals are not supposed to be shown in the new UI when they are connected via USB. Only through Base connection they will be shown.

    You can access the old UI through the regular Windows Game Controller Menu.

  • thanks. It would be nice if the new UI had text there to say "pedals will only be detected when connected through a compatible wheelbase"

  • Hi Ben,

    It's in the plans to improve this for the new UI. At the moment you can open both the new UI and the old game controller list if you want to see the pedals separately. But if you have a Fanatec wheel base there's no reason to connect the pedals separately via USB. You should connect them to the base, this is more convenient, frees up a USB port, and gives you control of load cell sensitivity (BRF) in the Tuning Menu while you drive.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • hello everyone today I have installed the csl dd I have a v3 pedal board I connect it directly to the pc via usb (always used like this even with csl ps4) I have never had problems but from today unfortunately I do not see it anymore in the fanatec app it displays the csl pedal that I don't own why ..? among other things, I can't calibrate it or anything else! I also tried to uncouple it from the usb and put it directly in the csl dd engine but nothing! Can anyone help me? Thank you

  • Pedals are not supported by the new UI yet.

    Use the old UI through the Game controller Menu.

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