Have I been charged by UPS for the extended warranty on the CSL DD????

Hi all

Ordered the CSL DD with the boost kit and the extra years warranty

I fully understand the import fees due etc etc but I had to pay £118?? All the other posts I see on facebook etc etc don't seem to be that much, Am I missing something or have UPS charged me for the extra years warranty which is surely a error?

Looking forward to getting it mind!

Thanks in advance!


  • UPS don't charge anything other than their fixed handling fee, which is around £12ish. The rest is VAT which they collect on behalf of and pass to HMRC.

    VAT on extended warranties is a bit of a grey area - normally if the warranty is provided by a third party company then it is treated by HMRC as insurance and is VAT exempt. However when it is provided by the manufacturer, like in the case of Fanatec purchases, it is normally not treated that way and VAT is charged. So if you have been charged roughly a sum equal to 20% of the full price (cost, shipping and warranty) plus £12 then it seems HMRC have declared that VAT is payable on the warranty.

    It sucks but nothing UPS or Fanatec can do. If you find it unreasonable that VAT was charged you need to appeal directly to HMRC.

  • in another post i was asking people to let me know what prices people had been charged, for import and tax to the uk, and this is what allan McKay posted, which i find odd as his was £86.94 to your £118. very odd !! thats a diffrence of £31.06 why is this ? dose anyone know ????

    Allan McKay August 19

    Hey again Lee,

    I've just payed my UPS fees. £86.94 for CSL DD + Boost kit!

    Its coming!! :D

  • Can you purchase additional extended warranty afer receipt of said items just to avoid this issue?

  • Thanks for your replys chaps!

    I've no idea what going on really, I've not seen anybody else pay as much as I have had too for some reason, seems a bit odd, it must be more due to the warranty but it seems strange

    I completely understand the import fees and handling fee system but just can't work out why mine is more than other UK customers

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