CSL Elite Pedals on f1 2021


I recently recieved the CSL DD wheel base to complete the rig with CSL elite pedals and the formula V2 wheel, it all seemed to work fine on Assetto corsa (other than the fact i had to invert the pedals to get them to work, not sure if thats normal) however, on F1 2021 the pedals don't work, fanalab keeps telling me telemetry is uninitialized (can't find anywehere to help me figure that one out) not to mention it has never detected the pedals since i plugged them in but they seem to be recognised in game. The pedals will only sort of work in game if i apply a 50% throttle and break deadzone. Also when i get in game on F1 2021 the game keep showing my wheel settings under the Keyboard icon, could be wrong but that doesn't seem correct to me from what videos i've seen on youtube. Since having this "rig" it all seems like a huge information overload so im sure i've missed a load of things to do and any help is much appreciated.

I think all drivers are current as only did all the downloads yesturday but happy to check certain iodeas that anyone has. Also tried the whole un plug thing and still nothing

I'm pretty new to all this so bare with me on some of this as it's either a poor explination of whats going on or may look as an easy fix to some of you.


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