F1 2021 V3 pedals stuck at 50%

Hey guys, I recently picked up a set of v3 pedals and wanted to give f1 2021 a go with them.

However for some reason, my brake and throttle are both stuck at 50% by default in-game.

I can just increase the brake and throttle dead zone to 50 however I'd be losing half my travel which is just unacceptable.

I have tried updating the firmware, rolling it back to 1.30 and re-calibrating it to no avail.

I'm only experiencing this issue in F1 2021 however, other titles such as AC and ACC work completely fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or I am missing something?

Additionally, I'm currently using a Logitech wheelbase while my dd comes in, no pedals plugged in to that one though.

Thanks in advance


  • Is it detecting your pedals correctly? As in does it register travel, I had the same with my Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals combined with a G920, seems that the game does not like that. Recalibrating them and putting them on a single profile with the wheel did the trick for me.

  • Pedals are detected correctly however, I think I managed to resolve it through a combination of verifying game integrity cache and not opening the pedal settings in F1 2021.

    The game isn't really the greatest when it comes to wheel and pedal settings, it's such a pain to have to set my steering lock in g-hub each time after I start a race. Also I do think that maybe opening up the "Fanatec USB pedals" settings was interfering with the also active g920 profile.

    Anyways, hopefully, someone else may find this post useful if they're experiencing similar..

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