CSL DD not working when delivered


My CSL DD does nothing when i turn it on, no light flash nothing.

The steering Column turns a little bit but thats it.

Please help fanatec this is really bad that the product is dead on arrival!



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    Might sound dumb but make sure all connections are plugged in snugly, also try to not use any extension cables or usb docks

  • try a different USB port too. should have more in the back i/o panel too

  • done all that and on a different pc.

  • The wheel does not turn much when turned on. Nothing like the CSL Elite.

  • no lights nothing. fanatec software doesnt detect it. cant change modes etc. its all packed up ready to go back when fanatec get in touch hopefully tomorrow!

    hopefully its just a reset job but some people have posted on readit about bricking the base. not sure as i didnt even get to the software but it could be that i guess.

  • I have the exact same issue, will contact Fanatec tomorrow.

  • I have the same problem

  • I think I have the same problem as well.

  • same issue

  • Hey, anyone got any response from fanatec? I sent an email and it’s almost 2 week with no response.

  • Just got mine today and I have the same issue. Has support been of any use for anyone?

  • I had this same issue and support has helped me to resolve - after getting in touch with them I had to send it to their workshop to be inspected, once they'd confirmed the issue was with the CSL DD itself they sent me back my boost kit from the workshop and a new CSL DD.

    FWIW I'm based in the UK and didn't have to pay anything. DPD came to my house to pick it up

  • Same problem here... I have contact support, they are going to pick up my CSL and go to workshop to check it :( Waiting two months the new CSL DD and this happens...

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