V3 Clutch sensor only works when not assembled to the clutch


for lubricating my clutch pedal (Clubsport V3) I removed the hall sensor. I reassembled everything (including correct position of the magnetic axis) and now the value for the clutch stays at "0" in the driver when it is assembled. As soon as I remove it I can simulate the whole range from 0 to 100 for the clutch, when I manually move the sensor. I have reinstalled the driver package without success. What am I doring wrong as the sensor ist obviously working? Thank you for any help!




  • Don't have the V3 pedals but on the V1 there is a little grub screw that needs to aligned with an indent on the magnetic shaft. It's to ensure the magnetic shaft rotates as the pedal is pressed. Also make sure the sensot chip is close to but not touching that same magnetic shaft. Just my 2c worth.

  • Hi Owen,

    thank you for your help. I know from the FAQ, that the little grub screw is important for the functionality. I think I confounded the grub screw from the upper axis of the clutch pedal with the one from the lower axis (the one with the spring). One is a bit longer, one a little bit shorter.

    I was not able to bring the sensor working again. I will send the V3 now to Fanatec. Thank you!

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