when will the qr2 be launched???

Hi there,

When will we get some news about the new quick release??

I want to buy a new wheel base but i'm waiting for the qr2 so i don"t have to buy an qr upgrade.

Can you please give us some information???? It was promised in Q2 of this year and we are now far beyond.

Me and i think a lot of other poeple here are getting sick of waiting for some news.

Please let us know!!! Thank you!


  • #soon ™®©

  • I am also interested in this question. It is also curious whether QR2 will be supplied only as an option, or there will be versions of steering wheels and bases to choose from.

  • I guess coming premium wheels like the BMW and the Bentley will only come with the QR2. Interested customers then have to buy an adapter for the wheelbase. Other mid priced wheel will come with the QR light and can be upgraded to the QR2 in case the customer decided to upgrade the wheelbase with a QR2 related to a wheel which only comes with that connector.

  • Is there anything wrong with the QR1 they seem to work fine for sim use? I imagine the only real reason for the QR2 is because it needs to be homologated for use in the real cars with the BMW and Bentley wheels possibly? And I think there seems to be a sneak peak of it on the CSL DD page attached to the new BMW wheel:

  • I can guarantee that whatever the cost of the QR2 that there will be people balking at the price and say “I can create my own,” “that ridiculous, for that price I can (fill in the blank),” “I saw a video online where the guy made his for $2. It’s a rip off and Fanatec shouldn’t do that.”

  • Since the DD bases came out, they have been getting a ton of bad press about their current QR system from high-end reviewers. The current system works well enough for most people, but compared to the rock-solid feel of other DD bases' QR solutions, the Fanatec wheels do have a bit of wobble when you twist them, which appears to vary on a case-by-case basis, because of manufacturing tolerances. I personally don't think it makes a difference to the driving experience, but it has prevented them from being taken as seriously as other DD manufacturers in some circles, and I am sure they would like to put an end to that.

  • Wish Fanatec would be transparent on the actual release date for the QR2. Wanting to upgrade to DD2 but wont without QR2 cost/info.

  • I agree with the transparent comment, I mean after all that has been going on that has brought us to sim racing, what information they have can't be so bad it would make things worse.

    I don't care if it comes with wheels or not. Just would like to buy the item its self.

    Seeing 3rd party options is tempting but we shouldn't have to go that route when Fanatec them self has a solution, but for some reason, not available.

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