CSL DD arrived with NO PSU !?

So i got my CSL DD today and opened the box to find there's NO PSU inside.. (I ordered the boost kit)

Is it meant to be in that top section before you get to the base itself?

Anyone else had this happen?

Yes i've submitted a support ticket (I wonder how long i'll have to wait)


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    PSU is getting shipped separately in its own Box and its not supposed to be included in the CSL DD packaging.

  • When?

    I've only received 1 shipping notice, and that was for what arrived today..

  • Mine was included in the top section of the box. I had a sticker on the box says "Boost kit inside".

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    Yeah mine wasn't like that.. and no sticker on box..

    And Fanatecs reply was:

    According to your tracking information the package has been successfully delivered. 

     Moreover, please note that the Default power supply was packed in the same package as the CSL DD. 

     Therefore, I would kindly ask you to check said box again. 

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, thanks and stay safe! 

    So they didn't even read the ticket properly, or check my order properly...

    This is what was in the top of mine:


  • Fred HFred H Member

    Have them compare the shipping weight of the box with and without a PSU if they don't believe you. I'm sure the box will be pound or two lighter without the PSU in there. Fanatec should be able to compare that easily to their shipping records or the shipping company's records how much the package weighed that they shipped you. I work in a shipping department and we check shipping weights all the time when someone claims they didn't receive something in their package.

  • I doubt they weighed every box for the label.. Probably just a generic label they just slapped on every box

    But the label doesn't have a weight on it

  • This is typical of Fanatec's response to issues.

    One 'expert' tells you that the situation you experienced, ie. no PSU in box, is as intended and ignores any facts that contradict this assertion.

    The other tells you that you are to blame for not looking in the box properly.

    Extrapolate this and you can see how things never get any better at Fanatec - they believe that they do no wrong and continue to pretend that this mess is acceptable service.

  • No... really? Not a Fanatec issue... more like being in an open forum...

  • in my (brown) shipping box were 2 white Fanatec boxes:

    Top: a thin PSU Box labeled Boost Kit, and

    underneath: the CSL DD Box where the place inside of the normal PSU was empty


  • Chris LockChris Lock Member
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    Update from Fanatec:

    Thank you for your reply as well as for the picture!

     In case the warehouse confirms that the forgot to add the Boost Kit we can dispatch a replacement. 

     Alternatively, we can refund the amount for the Boost Kit.



    IN CASE? The photo SHOWS what was there instead of the PSU box... ANY reasonably intelligent person would conclude the PSU wasn't sent..

    Unless they think that i somehow went and bought some cardboard and cut/folded it to fit exactly that way in the box with in an hour of receiving the package, in order to get a second PSU from them for some reason? Maybe daisy chain them to get get DD1 levels of performance?

    I am though, making the assumption here that the cardboard filler on top is how all of them were before the boost kit was put in there...

    And what would the point be in getting a refund of the boost kit? Then what am i meant to do with the $600 paperweight CSL DD i'm left with?

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    Deleted. never mind.

  • Well, being 2 days later, i asked for an update and they said "We haven't heard from the warehouse yet"

    I sent back: "You're kidding right? Its been 2 days since we last spoke.. and no progress at all?! This is ridiculous... You can see from the photo there is no way the boost kit could have been in the box!"

    They sent this back: "As you are right and quite some time as already passed I would like to confirm that we have now created the replacement order which will be dispatched on the next business day."

    So i'm hoping i might actually get to use my DD late next week?

  • Hi Chris.

    I am in the exact same situation as you. I ordered a csl dd with boost kit, but only got the wheelbase and a empty cardboard something on top packed in the brown shipping box.

    They told me to send pictures, which i did but they haven't answered since.

    Did you manage to get you PSU?

  • So when did Fanatec send out the PSU to you guys?

  • Hi, same here. Got my CSL DD yesterday, but without a PSU.

    Contacted the support, they told me that they come back to me today. Hope they send the PSU out today as express, cause i ordered everything as express and cant use it without the PSU :(

    Still wait for an answer.

    Only got the package with the CSL DD. on top was a white open Box, with cutout, but this was completely empty. In the Box from the CSL DD is only the DD and a small package with usb cable and the screws or what this is. Thats it.

    I also looked in all other packages (ordered V3 pedals, gt3 wheel, quick adapater), but no PSU.

  • Sorry to hear that! That space is for the 5nm power brick. If you had ordered an 8nm psu, that is packed separately. That packet of CSL DD was meant to go with an order for a 8nm psu. Someone stuck it in the wrong shelf!

    The way they have gone about selling the power supply for the CSL DD will cause this to happen again and again unless they tighten or change their logistics procedures and check every box before shipment.

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