New Fanatec Control Panel does not recognise CSL Elite Load Cell Pedals via USB


I just got my CSL DD today, and while setting it up, I got stuck on a problem. I formerly used a Clubsport V2.5 Wheelbase and those pedals named in the title, both connected via their own USB Cable instead of the RJ-Cable Conntection between Pedals and Wheelbase and it worked just fine, I needed it to change the Brake Force, which I could via the properties Page. Now the new Fanatec Control Panel doesn't recognise the Pedals connected via USB, but it recognises if I chain the Pedals with the RJ-Cable into the DD. With the newest Firmware installed on every device.

For me that seems like a bug in the new Control Panel, since Fanalab recognises it also via USB. But maybe it's working for some of you, and im missing something. Also I want to ask if there is a workaround for this except installing older drivers of using the RJ-Cable, which makes my cable management harder. Can I change the Brakeforce any other way? I didn't find anything in Fanalab, except exporting/importing Gameprofiles with changed values, but I don't know yet, if this would work, just getting the old properties back would be enough I guess.


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    Thats as designed and not a Bug for now - USB Pedals for now are not supported by the new UI on purpose. Not a bug, just a missing feature.

    You have to access the old UI for them through the regular Windows Game Controller Menu.

  • That's kinda weird but okay,

    The Windows Game Controller Menu is what I was looking for though! Thank you!

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