CSL Elite Loadcell-Kit and Fanatec communication Strategy

I planned to buy the CSL Elite Loadcell-Kit.

But without any comment from Fanatec the product has vanished from the store and was moved to the hidden "discontinued products" list.

As a customer, I feel confused about Fanatecs product strategy and uncertain about my Product choice.

Do I have to Sell my CSL Elite Pedals and Buy the cheaper CSL Pedals with the loadcell pedal, when it comes out?

Should I buy a CSL DD now, when I know that a new and better QR system will be released? (and only God knows when)

Would I be better of with Thrustmaster products?

I really like Fanatec products but their not existing PR communication makes it hard to like the company. Because this "not say anything"-Strategy is the regular Fanatec communication strategy. My experience is the same with the Mclaren gt3 V1, CSL Loadcell pedal, CSL Metal pedal faces, QR 2, etc.


  • Yeah, that is very stupid way to inform ppl, or in this case not inform at all. I would have liked to buy second set of LC brake pedal kit for my years old CSL Elites, brake work, no problem but as a spare/just be sure/covered.

    I'm not gonna buy those sub-standard cheaper CSL's in any situation. Of course CSP's always an option, I had CSP v1's for many years before CSL Elite LC, but problem with CSP's is that you can't adjust pedal spacing left-right, my knee hurts if I don't move brake more away fron throttle.

    And that QR-thing is also as you said, unclear. Ok, there's new QR coming, but how us who have like 5-10 Fanatec wheels/hubs already, surely we have to be able to use them with new QR too but how? Nothing has been told about that.

  • I am in the same position. Decided today that I should upgrade my CSL elite station that I bought end of last year with the LC-kit now when the autumn/winter is coming. 

    I was really surprised and pissed when I now saw that it is not available any more. Honestly I feel cheated because the main reason for me to go in to the fanatec ecosystem was because of the upgradeability. 

    As the CSL elite system is also really new for me I feel extra cheated. They could have reached out somehow and tell that the LC-kit is going to disappear. I was thinking of upgrading the pedals now and then later upgrade to a CSL-DD wheelbase..... 

    I really do not want to go the Clubsport road and pay 360 euros and I think my CSL elite pedals will be a hard second hand sell for me now.

    Does anyone know if I can modify in an LC to the pedals?

  • I feel the exact same. Customers are surely the life blood of EVERY company, and Fanatec cant be any different.

    To behave like they do is really alienating to a lot of people.

    I’ve tried numerous times to get information on the CSL Elite Loadcell situation, but am met with silence at every turn. No info or response is ever given on here or via social media. It is an EXTREMELY frustrating situation that I can no longer get the upgrade I was looking to purchase, and terrible customer service to boot.

  • I too recently purchased the CSL ELITE PEDALS and was very annoyed to find out the LC kit has been withdrawn from sale. I am past the 14 day return window now, so basically spent 100 USD on a big paper weight.

    I have just bought the WRC wheel, CSL DD Table Clamp and am waiting on my CSL DD to arrive. I guess I will purchase the new Thrustmaster load cell pedals and use them via a USB port to use with the CSL DD.

  • There are two discontinued products lists? I don't see the pedals on the list I found on the "Media/Downloads" page. If this is the wrong list, please point me in the direction of the list you are referring to. I am looking at the "fanatec.com/us-en/mediagallery" page. Perhaps that is not the best place to look?

  • I am in the same situation and this has decided me to not stay with Fanatec for my future sim purchase.

    I wanted to buy the load cell kit to update my CSL elite this summer and then get a DD wheel. I have been told to "wait a few month" because something was coming. What was coming ? A non compatible CSL LC kit.

    Fanatec seems to be worse than apple when it comes to their ecosystem and compatibility, so I will buy my LC pedals and my DD wheel somewhere else

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