CSL DD RMA: should I send back also the boost kit?

Hi, I've initiated the RMA procedure for the CSL DD base (issue with the motor firmware not updating). Since I had bad experiences in the past with other products and companies (Valve Index Knuckles) where I did not receive back the usb power cables, I want to make sure that when they say to "... include all items that were in the product package, ...", this includes also the boost kit.

I already asked this question to them via email (I'm in the US), but as usual it takes ages to get answers back.



  • Better to wait for them to confirm.

    I would normally not send the power unit back as it is in a separate box isn't it?

  • Yeah, I got an answer from them and they told me to keep the boost kit.

  • I was having the same issue of the motor firmware not updating. I remedied the situation by loading the Fanatec drivers on a laptop computer. I plugged the CSL DD into the laptop and it updated immediately. If you have a second computer, you should try that before RMA.

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