ps4 doesn't recognize PS button on podium wheel dd2 base

Hey Everyone.

My PS4 had to be sent back to the factory to be fixed. They sent me a new PS4.

PS4 is is running fine, recognizing the dualshock controller when plugged in, but does not recognize the DD2/podium wheel when connected. Any thoughts/ideas on how to fix this? Tried inserting the dd2 connector to other controller ports with no luck. DD2 seems to be acting normal on start up, setting on the dd2 is comp ps4, fw on DD2 is V651.

Any help is appreciated.



  • Is your base in playstation mode?

  • Yes, comp PS4.

  • DD2 does not work with Playstation.

  • Im sorry...its a DD1 with a torque key. tried to edit the post but I can't. heres a picture.

    In the meantime I verified that the controller cable is working correctly.

    The DD1worked fine with my original ps4, but when changing PS4's its not being recognized

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