New Fanatec Control Panel does not recognise my ClubSport Pedals V3 via USB

Hello everyone... after the latest updates, my ClubSport Pedals V3 is no longer recognized in the new interface of the Fanatec Control Panel and in its place the CLS Series pedals appear on which, obviously, it is not possible to intervene. Is there a way to solve this problem or, if I need to intervene on the V3 parameters, do I have to forcibly connect it first to the motor base of my Podium DD2?


  • That's as designed for now, listed in the Changelog and known issues of driver 410.

    You have to access the old UI for the pedals through the regular Windows USB-GAMECONTROLLER

  • Thanks, I had already done this... but I think it would still be more convenient for the new Fanatec Control Panel interface to recognize all Fanatec products (in this case the pedals) perhaps avoiding the less experienced having to travel "winding roads" when there would be much faster and more intuitive ways. I hope in the near future adjustment of the new interface.

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