Fanatec Driver 412 (previously 411) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    If you've updated your pedals to 1.32 you can downgrade to 1.30 again by going into the updater and using the 3 dots to browse the file which is in the folder that gets opened right away. This should solve the issue, we are investigating which change caused it to fix it for the next pedal firmware update.

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    Weirdly the log says you are using driver 381. Maybe something with the installation didn't go right, can you please uninstall the current driver and then install 412 to try again. If it happens again please provide new log files.

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    As it's always been that way and would be a new function to do so we first have to look into the possibility and then implement it. Right now we have a focus on fixing issues so it won't happening quickly and I can't promise a time frame. Its in our system and we will definitely take a look at it.

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    Start the base by pressing the power button for ~10seconds, this should force a base firmware update and then it should flash 686

  • Apologies - I guess I should have used the 45 min cooldown period like the one iRacing enforces before you protest a race. :) It was a reaction to a project taking 6 hours that should have taken 45 mins.  

    I appreciate you looking into this Marcel. I truly LOVE my Fanatec setup, and I want you guys to know that. I'll be sure to come here and praise you guys as well when you kick ass - like with the recent product releases and overall success... Trust me, I AM a fan.

    That said, please pass on my info about the pedal controller location issue. It truly is an unnecessary PITA. Since we are forced to use USB to update Firmware, I have to keep both cables plugged in. If the USB cable somehow gets detached, there is literally no way to plug it in without removing the entire pedal set from the cockpit (which has happened to me.) It also means that when your headphone cable for the Handbrake, which connects to the pedal controller, (and is the ONLY cable that comes with the kit that can be used with the USB adapter) inevitably fails, like mine did due to being a headphone connection (that anyone who lived through the TRUE wired headphone era of old knows is one of the worst connectors

    you can use for reliability) you have to take it all back apart again. The pedal controller box simply needs to be facing the opposite way and moved up a bit so we can reach in and plug/unplug stuff. A pretty simple and effective design change that would save a LOT of us a LOT of time.

    Either way, thanks for the help Marcel - I certainly understand new drivers will take some time to flesh out! I have no issues with that!Just wanted to report what I've encountered so hopefully it's fixed in the next release (like my previous issues were.)Keep up the great work, and THANK YOU for the forward-facing communication with your customers and community. :) 

  • It's three screws on the baseplate?? What am I missing here?

  • Ryan Pietroski - Literally unscrew the 3 screws on the top of the heel plate, and you have direct access to the pedal controller.

    Or do what I did and buy another USB cable, plug it into the pedal controller, and leave it attached and tucked underneath your rig - I don't have to remove a single thing to update my pedals any longer.

  • Thx Marcel and sorry for the late answer.

    i think i tried everything i found with Google or here in the forum :-)

    Sometimes it works fine and sometimes, like now, it doesn´t work :-( - i´ve changed nothing on drivers or system settings.



  • Hi guys, I believe I have a remedy for the CSL DD + H pattern shifter issue. I think EMI is to blame here. My setup before the remedy is as follows: SIMLAB aluminium cockpit with steel wheel base mounting plate, CSL DD with BMW GT2 Rim, CS Shifter with aluminium mounting bracket to the cockpit.

    The remedy is as follows

    • Remove wheel base from cockpit and install nylon washers on both sides of the mounting plate (yes I know shoulder washers are better but regular nylon washers seemed to work). Reinstall wheel base (very fiddly but can be done).
    • Remove shifter and install nylon washers to both sides of the mounting plate and be sure to isolate both parts as best you can. Reinstall shifter.
    • Install Ferrite ring core suppressors to the shifter RJ12(?) cable. I ended up having to use about 6 of them (3 on either side on the cable).

    I was then able to configure the shifter repeatedly and reliably either via the wheel button sequence itself or via the app

    Hope this helps anyone else struggling like I was

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    same issue with this driver than with 410 and 411, I can upgrade the firmware, but then my base is stuck in Low Torque with BMW GT2 wheel, like others already reported.

    Going back to 402, the last that's working fine.

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    New driver 415 available:

    Please continue the discussion in the new thread, this one will be closed.


    New driver UI

    • Fixed some button input indicators.
    • Fixed FW update for CSL UH not getting prompted.
    • Changed update order to do motor firmware before base firmware to prevent needing to do the center calibration twice. 
    • Added link to driver download so it's easier to check if a newer version is available. There will be an implemented update function with notification later on.
    • Added links section to the "No Device Found" page for easier trouble shooting if needed.
    • Added BoostKit detection for CSL DD. Boost kit logo will be shown on the wheel base page if in use. 
    • Improved handling of MPS when in CONST or PULSE, positions should now always match.
    • Potential fix of UI not opening for CSL UH in special cases.

    CSL DD Firmware

    • Fixed tuning menu not visible on Universal Hub 7-segment display
    • Fixed visual bug of SEN bar in the standard mode tuning menu
    • Added missing bar for MPS setting on small OLED screens
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