CSL Elite PS4 to CSL DD. Users, what’s your experience?

Got my CSL DD with boost kit today and having only stopped using my CSL Elite yesterday, have quite a bit of muscle memory from how that felt, in particular in ACC (PC) with the McLaren V2 wheel.

After my first couple of hours with said set up in said game, I’m a little underwhelmed. I’m using Fanatec’s recommended settings and apart from a little more strength, am not noticing much more detail.

Is this about right coming over from the CSL Elite, as opposed to say a G29 or T300 etc? I wasn’t expecting my mind to be blown or anything, but am eager to hear from anyone who also came from the CSL Elite.


  • Try the following link. It's a you tuber who goes through his personal settings for each sim including ACC. My experience has been more positive in that I can 'feel' the lateral 'seat of you pants' feedback through the wheel much better then before. Particularly when the rear is about to lose traction and spin out. Good luck.

    (110) Fanatec CSL DD Ideal Force Feedback Settings for Major Sims | Assetto Corsa, ACC, iRacing etc. - YouTube

  • I meant to also say that Fanatec will continue to improve the FFB with driver and firmware updates just as they did with the DD1 and DD2.

  • I think the drivers are premature, because I too do not experience much difference compared to my CSL Elite other than peak torque being much greater, but mostly only when hitting a wall in game. 🤣

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    I believe I feel more in game. The road feel is not as pronounced in ACC, but in AMS2 and RF2 I think I can feel a pebble on the tires. What I have noticed in ACC is feeling those rear tires grip up out of a corner and therefore I can get on the gas sooner. Also, I have saved way more slides faster with the DD vs. CSL Elite. In addition, Fanatec says in game for ACC 70 FFB (Gain) I like 80 better. Try it. The wheel is at 100.

    And this is my 4th day with it. Still frustrated it doesn't work with the shifter.

  • Thanks guys. I’ve also upped the Gain to 75. Noticed a little clipping resulting in a few clunks in the base so reluctant to up it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it does feel great and I agree, it is a little easier to catch slides due to the increased strength.

  • I had the same experience in ACC. I played around with the Natural damping in the fanatec control panel and set it to 40. This came real close to my CSL Elite base I had. Maybe it helps :D

    In other games I did not have this problem and I am loving the CSL DD over the CSL Elite.

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