USB from wheel base keeps disconnecting in all racing games inside and out

I have removed all USB devices and still the wheel mount keeps disconnecting during racing. Have test on iracing and asseto corso. I have replace the cable and still the issues is there. Its made my rig unplayable. Is this a RMA product now? This will be the 3rd RMA Fanatec product this the last year since I purchased it . I don't even think they make the CSW anymore. I feel ripped off.

If you are reply saying Fanatec is perfect in every way and their product never breaks pls do not.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    I assume you've tested other USB inputs on your computer? Out of curiosity, are you running the CSW on 100% FFB (base side)? If so turn it down to 90% and try. I have had disconnect issues in the past when I had my CSW, that turning down the FFB resolved.

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