Enable CSP v1 pedal vibration w CSL DD & McLaren v2 wheel - How?

As per the title... how can I enable vibration on my CSP v1?

Using drivers 411, and the control panel shows only a picture of the CSL pedals. The inputs work, but there doesn't seem to be the equivalent of the "ABS" setting that used to exist on my old 911 GT2 wheel, where the pedals would vibrate once you pressed them past a user- defined threshold. There doesn't seem to be any such setting in the "Steering Wheel" or "Tuning Menu" tabs, either.

If I connect the pedals directly via USB and open the Game Controllers control panel, I can run a vibration test and that works, but again, there's nowhere to set that user- defined threshold.

I tried looking around a bit in Fanalab as well, but that didn't seem to detect my pedals at all.

Help? I'd really hate to lose this feature of these pedals.


  • Fanalab -

    BLI (Brake Level Indicator) does the trick.

    I must have missed it initially, I think maybe because my pedals showed up as Unidentified (something like that, not sure if the exact term used). I then noticed that I could force them to be recognized as CSP v3, which was when I noticed the BLI adjustment. Not sure if it was there all along and I just missed it, or if it did in fact show up once I forced them to be seen as v3's, but regardless, it all seems to be working now. 👍

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