CSL Elite Power Cord Issue

Good Afternoon,

I have owned my CSL elite for the past 2 years, and as of lately the power suddenly began cutting in and out on the wheel. I noticed the rear power input had a little bit of play in it but not enough to be worrisome.

The power cord has a slight cut on the actual cord, exposing wires. Could this be the cause of the power disconnects? Anyone know of issues where the power won't turn on the wheel. Unfortunately the wheel is out of the warranty period and they want 63 Euros an hour to look at it for RMA, not including the shipping. At that cost, my best option is to just buy a brand new wheelbase.

Tried searching CSL elite power issues and didn't come up with much besides a reddit post of the same issue that didn't seem to be resolved. Hard to find just the power supply to buy as well.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    If you have a friend with a CSL Elite, borrowing their power supply to test would be a good option. If it is the power supply you can reach out to support for a replacement part.

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