Formula V2.5 Oct 2021 or Jan 2022?

I am perplexed about Fanatec's listing of this rim. One day is shows Jan, of 2022 for availability, but many other days per week the website shows it available on Oct, 6th 2021?

I did send a contact message to Fanatec and got a response back of Jan 2022....but they did not say anything about my question on the Oct 6th date that keeps showing up on the site as I am logged in.

This is a mistake that they can not correct on their site? Why does the date keep changing?

Thanks for any clear help/info.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
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    Please keep in mind dates can and do change. Availability date would go in priority of pre orders list and inventory supply.

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    Joseph.... I am seeing this date bounce back and forth day to day for the past several weeks. So, is the product actually sometimes available in Oct, 2021? Or only available in Jan 2022?

    IE....are they getting small quantities in at a time after Oct, 6th with those units shipped in order of pre-order timing?

  • Just assume Jan 2022. I am sure they do not even know themselves. It is only a date and that will change.

    That is the best information they can give you based on the uncertain supply information.

  • I am just trying to figure out if a small amount of stock is trickling in or what. I see on reddit...someone has reported getting their's with a CSL DD order.

  • I order it during the first wave of CSL DD orders... was very happy to receive it in... august.

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