Time Window for CSL DD Ps4 / PS5 Version?

I use a CSL Elite PS4 and the xbox compatible F1 Wheel-Rim V2. I need this setup in order to cover all three systems (Xbox, PS5, PC). However, since I had my first experience with a direct drive wheel (from .. uhm... that other company :D ) at a friends house, I can't wait for a Fanatec DD wheel base to arrive. DD is just so much more precise compared to a belt driven system.

I already thought of buying the podium F1 PlayStation Base, but

a) its super expensive and total overkill, since I would want to stick to the 8 - 12 newtonmeter range, so 20 is way too much anyway.

b) the PSU sucks whoopin' 480 watts. Thats like having a second PC running.

If it weren't for that, I'd actually think of getting the podium DD base, but pricing and power consumption are way out of line for my needs. So I have to wait for the Playstation compatible CSL DD + Boost kit.

is there ANY hint on when it's going to be introduced? Some kind of time window? Anything?


  • If you want to run at 8 to 12 n M then the CSL DD will be too weak. The PSU uses only 15 watts when the sim is idle and fluctuates between about 50 watts or less and 200 watts peaks when racing at your desired strength. The average power consumption over an hour racing is nearer 100 watts than 480.

  • They've said they're releasing it before the end of the year. Doesn't seem they're in a huge hurry though since the ACC for PS5 is coming in February and I expect GT7 soon after. Plus the PS5 is still on Unicorn status. Allegedly the PS5 availability will improve soon, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I got tired of waiting and bought the Podium DD. I should have just bought the standard DD1 (or the CSL DD) and a drivehub, but spilt milk. For me the problem was not knowing what the Playstation kit would include. I wasn't excited about the wheel I've seen. I know I want the LC for the pedals but I don't think it comes in the kit. Without knowing it's price point it seemed like I was waiting for bits of the kit I didn't want. Plus I really wanted the OLED display on the wheel base.

    If you're impatient (like me) I'd get the CSL DD w/ boost, a drivehub, a McLaren wheel, and the V3 pedals. That will probably equal the same price you're going to pay for the DD Pro but you'll have a better wheel and better pedals. And you'll have it all next week.

  • Denis BrownDenis Brown Member
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    So a drive hub could be the solution. Ok..... I have to watch some reviews first, since that thing will set me back by another 100 Euros plus shipping, tax and duty. I already have the Clubsport Pedals v3 and a shifter, so I am ready to go in all other aspects, except for the wheel base. Thanks for the hint!

    The question for me is, whether the wheelhub produces lag by translating the signal, because that would make the whole thing pointless. After all I want a direct drive wheel because of the responsiveness. Vibrating pedals are another concern, since games that support them (like F1 2021) seem to be very picky when it comes to the support of this feature. So I hope I can find a review which tells me whether pedal vibration is supported or not.

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    I've seen reviews on drivehub so I know it can work, and I don't recall anyone complaining about input lag. If you're not happy with any of it you can resell it. The 2nd hand market is hot so you won't lose a dime if you decide to sell the CSL DD and the drivehub. Plus, I don't think it has to "translate" the code, it just adds the Playstation chip so the console accepts it.

    Since you've got the V3 pedals and a formula wheel already, you're almost home. Seems useless to pay for the kit that includes the CSL Pedals (without a LC) and a wheel when you've already got a wheel and great pedals. That's about $200 worth in parts you won't even use.

    Lead time on the CSL DD is out to October though. That's still faster than you'd get the DD Pro I bet.

    Personally, I've been racing Gran Turismo since GT1 and that's where I intended to stay. I didn't like the feel of most other games even though I played them too. Since getting the DD1 most other games have blown my hair back. Especially ACC. F1 and GT Sport are improved but ACC has detail I didn't know possible. I'm really excited for GT7 to have closer collaboration with Fanatec and hopefully they bring the same level of FF detail ACC has.

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    Wait a minute. Will The PS5 version come with a mandatory set of CSL Pedals and a wheel? What if I want just the wheel base?

    One problem with that Drive hub is that you need a different controller, too, since the standard PS4 or PS5 controller will shut down after 10 minutes when not in use. So you need a wired controller of some sort. That's an extra 60 bucks or more.

  • There has been no official word on what will or will not be included with the PlayStation version.

  • I used a Drivehub for several years with my Xbox one and 911 GT2 wheel combo. I used the controller it came with, and went out and bought a "Play and Charge Kit" (which is really just a fancy name for a usb-c to usb-a cable, far as I can tell) for about 20-25 bucks. I'd assume Playstation should have something similar?

  • The PS4 / 5 controller needs to be plugged into the drive hub via USB. But if it isn't directly connected to the console via USB, it will work in wireless mode and turn itself off after 10 minutes, when not in use.

    Anyway, the standard CSL DD will not be available until November. Maybe there will be an update concerning the PlayStation version until then.

  • I thought the same for the Xbox controller. But as long as everything is connected properly (wheel and controller plugged into the Drivehub, and Drivehub plugged into the console), the controller remained powered, and shutting off was never an issue. I even tested it by pulling the battery pack out of the controller, and it always remained powered through however long a session i played for.

    Not saying you're wrong, but I'd be surprised if Playstation controllers didn't behave in the same manner.

  • On the PS4 there is a setting to change how long the controller stays on. You can easily set it to never turn off automatically. I don't know about the PS5 but I assume it's the same.

  • There is no official announcement on what's included in the Playstation version of the CSL DD. But leaked pictures of the DD Pro product packaging show the CSL Pedals on the back. No idea if the boost kit is included, and the picture shows only two pedals so the LC is likely not included.

    Considering you can't buy the Playstation version of the DD1 or the blue Formula wheel separately, the pieces in the CSL Pro kit will probably NOT be available separately. That's just an educated guess though. PLUS, the math indicates there's an approx. $200 mark up for the playstation chip on the DD1. I don't know what the DD Pro price point will be, but you'll probably save money getting the drivehub.

  • When the standard Xbox One (or Series) controller is plugged in to USB, it will stay on as long as the device it is plugged into is on. I use an XB1 controller on my PC and it never turns off, as long as it's plugged into the PC. Of course I unplug it when I don't need it, but if I were to take a brake from playing a game and jump on FLStudio or something; the controller remains on.

    I have no idea if an Elite controller does the same thing. I imagine a version 1 would, but the V2 may be different.

  • Will the v3 pedals work on drivehub with ps5

  • I can't say for 100% certain, but I'd be willing to bet that yes they will. If it's a Fanatec wheelbase, you'd want to plug the pedals into that. Otherwise, I believe you'd plug them into the Drivehub itself.

  • Waiting for the announcement of a CSL DD for PlayStation reminds me a little of the wait for news on GT7 between June 2020 and September 2021. I hope they announce it soon, because I’m starting to get tired of waiting!

  • Yes, Foot Down Racing has a video of it working on his system. He's having an issue with the hand brake though.

  • I'm glad to have the Podium wheel, but now that I know I only need 40% of the FF, I don't think I'd be missing much if I had gone with the CSL DD.

  • Podium is way out of my price range. €1’800 is too much for me. It just makes waiting more annoying.

  • You'll probably be waiting until February or March 2022. GT7 comes out then and it looks like Fanatec is in no hurry. I'd be trying to hit the Christmas shoppers this month, but that doesn't look like its in the cards.

  • I hope they at least put pre-orders up by then. It seems logical to do that as they would see an influx of money from people pre-ordering it at Christmas, and this may help keep up with Christmas demand.

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